An Insight Into Lockdown Deliveries and Cloud Kitchens

Published: Dec 07, 2020

Takeaway and delivery services increased significantly during the lockdown in the UK. The influx of creative delivery options that go beyond the regular takeaway, along with the increase of cloud kitchens, prove that the hospitality industry will always find ways to fight corona-related restrictions, all while adhering to government guidelines of course.

How are restaurants changing the delivery game?


By using our insight search tool, we were able to identify Dishoom as one of the most talked-about restaurants when it comes to delivery services. One customer on Twitter stated, “Dishoom might have the best delivery game I’ve ever seen.” The popular Bombay-style restaurant offers a make-it-yourself naan roll kit with a choice of bacon or vegan sausage, available for nationwide delivery.

Chotto Matte, London

Our search found that lifestyle website London On The Inside tweeted, “Chotto Matte has launched a delivery dinner kit and it’s up there with the best we’ve had.” We were able to see that the glowing reviews matched this sentiment. The Japanese Peruvian restaurant’s ‘Chotto at Home’ service offers unique cook-alongs with the chefs, via live or pre-recorded video, along with carefully-curated recipe kits.

Hawksmoor, Manchester

We identified award-winning steakhouse Hawksmoor as another restaurant with a highly talked about delivery service. One customer tweeted, “best home delivery cook at home food ever.” ‘Hawksmoor at home’ offers a steak-kit experience with everything you need to create a three-course feast at home. Complete with instructions, videos, and the option of a range of pre-mixed cocktails, the kits are available for nationwide delivery so no-one need miss out.

What is a cloud kitchen?

Cloud kitchens, which are also referred to as dark, ghost or virtual kitchens, are a delivery-only concept whereby chefs, restaurants and other food businesses can rent out commercial kitchen space to offer takeaways. Thanks to the pandemic, the absence of a place to dine-in is a welcomed advantage of cloud kitchens.

With the pandemic causing an increase in demand for takeaways and deliveries, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of cloud kitchens are popping up in locations up and down the country. Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick is currently expanding his own empire of cloud kitchens.

Have you upped your takeaway and delivery game yet?

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